The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is responsible of insurance (health, travel, accident) for the whole grant period after the grantee’s travel schedule has been finalised and the grantee has received the invitation letter from Host University. In order to receive the insurance the grantee should agree the mobility period with the Host University by filling the “Confirmation Statement by Host”. The insurance will be issued based on the dates stated on the “Confirmation Statement by Host”. The insurance certificate will be sent to the Host University by email in PDF format. Grantee will receive all documents and informations via the Host University . The PDF-file serves as an original and the insurance certificate is therefore sent only by e-mail, not by post. Remember to request the insurance well in advance to your Host University!

NB. Grantees are not insured unless they contact the Host University and agree the dates of the mobility period.

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All grantees need to be insured by the insurance provided by the Coordinator to ensure that the terms of the insurance set by the program financer are met. For visa application purposes before getting the insurance via your Host University, you can also refer to the Grant Letter where it is stated that the grant covers the health, travel and accident insurance for the grantee for the whole duration of the grant period.

In some cases however national legislations may require also an additional insurance to be issued for the grantee. If an additional insurance is required, the grantees are asked to contact the Coordinator immediately for further instructions.