How to Receive the Grant?

1. When you apply for visa you will need the Nomination or Grant Letter from the Coordinator and the Invitation Letter  from your Host University.
2. Arrange your insurance by sending a scanned copy of the Invitation Letter and the Confirmation Statement by Host to info[a] The Coordinator will issue the insurance according to the dates stated on the Invitation Letter and the Confirmation Statement by Host.
3. Apply for visa as soon as possible!
4. Arrange all practicalities with the Host University (e.g. housing). The residence permit costs will not be covered.
5. Arrange your travel through the Coordinator or buy the tickets yourself. Remember to keep all tickets and boarding passes safe. You will need them for reporting.
6. Once you have arrived at Host University, Open IBAN bank account (if you do not have one), Take care of all the paper work required for grant payment, Take care of the paper work of your travel arrangements: send the original boarding cards to the Coordinator. If you have paid for your travel yourself, please also remember to send the original receipts of tickets for the reimbursement. Europeans can use the IBAN bank account of their home country.
7. Report every academic semester and the end of your mobility. Additional reports are required if your mobility is longer than one year.