Frequently asked questions

When contacting your EULALinks coordinators or the Coordinator in Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, please always quote your personal EULALinks number.

1. Can I leave the host country during holidays? I would like to visit my family during breaks.

Yes you can, but remember that your grant is meant for studies at the Host University only. You are not entitled to grant during your leave.

If your leave is less than 30 days, the grant payment continues normally but you have to stay longer at the Host University. E.g. if you are on leave for one week, the departure from Host University might be delayed by one week respectively.

If your leave is 30 days or more, your grant payment will end for the time of your leave. You will also loose insurance coverage. The grant payments and insurance coverage are continued after your return to the Host University.

Grantees must have the Host University’s approval for breaks during the grant period. The grantee must notify the Coordinator for any changes made in travel schedules and exchange periods in writing to info[a] Vacations should be agreed with the Host University before the exchange period starts.

Further information on minimum duration of mobilities.

2. Why have I not received the grant payment for my last month at the Host University?

EULALinks pays out the grants. The first instalment covers the month in which your mobility period began. E.g. if you arrive at the Host University on “28th August”, the first instalment of the grant will be paid in “September” (1.9.-30.9.). This means that if you have a grant of six months, you will leave the Host University on “28th February” at earliest. The last monthly grant payment will correspond to “February” and will be paid at the end of the month. See the table below as example:

August arrival at Host 28th Aug


1st instalment (Sep) paid in the first week by the Host

2nd instalment (Oct) paid ca. in two weeks by the Host

November 3rd instalment (Nov) paid ca. 15 Nov
December 4th instalment (Dec)
January 5 th instalment (Jan)
February 6th instalment (Feb) paid ca. 25 Feb after acceptance of Final Report
Departure from Host 28th Feb at earliest

Grantees will receive two first months in full (unless your staff mobility is for one or two months only).

3. I have not received reimbursements of travel tickets or insurance.

Other than prepaid travel tickets and insurances are covered only against original receipts. Once the originals have arrived to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin by post, payments are made within one month. Due to banking practices, the grant can arrive in your bank account several days after the payment is made. Please note that grantees are obliged to notify the Coordinator about new banking details in case payments are made to other than IBAN account where the monthly payments were paid.

Please remember that receipts of prepaid travel tickets must be sent to the Coordinator even though no reimbursements are made.

4. I have to close my IBAN bank account in the European host country before traveling back home. Can the last grant instalment be paid to my account?

Yes. Grantee must contact the Coordinator well in time and give new banking details by email. Banking details must be given in such a form that an international payment can be made. In case the grantee does not give new banking details and the payment is made on a closed account, costs of refunded money will be charged from the grantee. The payment is made only in euros to the grantee’s personal account.

Monthly payments during the exchange period are paid only to the grantee’s personal IBAN account.

5. I have travel tickets for my return back home but I want to change the flight. What should I do?

Contact info[a] if you have prepaid tickets from Humboldts. You need to pay all the costs related to the changing of flights. Additional costs are not covered either for grantees who have purchased travel tickets themselves (cf. question: ‘Can I leave from host country during holidays? I would like to visit my family during breaks.’). When changes are made on your return ticket make sure your entire stay abroad respects the rules of the grant awarding. You can read more about minimum duration of mobilities and see the General instructions for grantees (pdf).

6. Do I have to pay back the grant if my actual duration of mobility is less than paid grant?

The mobility period cannot be shorter than the general minimum; undergraduate and master mobilities the minimum is defined by the academic calendar of the host university, doctorate and post-doctorate mobilities must be at least 6 months and academic staff mobilities at least 1 month.

However, exchange periods that are longer than the general minimums have more variation. Duration of  the mobility should be at least the grant period in months ? 1 month + 16 days . E.g. for a grant of 7 months, the duration of mobility should be at least 6 months and 16 days. In case this minimum is not reached, grantee is entitled only to a grant of 6 months.

In case you suspend your study period at the Host University during your grant period, the grant must be returned either partially or in full.

7. The Embassy wants me to present airline tickets in order to issue a visa. What should I do?

In general we try to avoid issuing airline tickets before the visa has been issued. This way we can avoid situations, where airline tickets have already been issued, but visa is delayed. We recommend you try to explain the situation to the Embassy in question. The airline tickets can be issued before the visa, but if the tickets need to be changed (e.g. because of delay in visa), the grantee needs to pay for the costs of the change. Please see question 5. for more details.

8. Can I get a EULALinks grant to finance my internship period abroad?

Mobility may include a placement period (max 3 months) in the same country of the hosting HEIs partners or associates, provided that it is preceded by a minimum period of study abroad of six months and that it is recognised as an integral part of the student’s programme. The placement should be agreed by all partnersconcerned and a close monitoring of the students should be ensured. In all cases, Coordinator must be contact prior internship period.

9. My master’s degree programme includes a study period in other than my host university – Am I eligible for EULALinks grant during the exchange period?

The grant will financially support the period of studies at the Host University or Associate organisation only. If the exchange period is conducted in other than Partner university or Associate organisation, grant payments are interrupted for the time of exchange. In such cases, Coordinator must be contacted prior exchange period.