Available Grants

The different types of individual mobilities are awarded within the limits of established in the tables below:

level distribution of all 176 mobilities
undergraduate ca. 31 % of the total
master ca. 25 % of the total
doctorate ca. 20 % of the total
post-doctorate ca. 14 % of the total
staff ca. 10 % of the total

By Target Groups

type of applicant* distribution all (of all 176 mobilities)
Target group 1 – TG1

students that are registered at one of the Latin American Partner universities  or European Partner universities in EULALinks Sense at the time of submitting their application to the partnership. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution.

~ 54 %

of the total

Target group 2 – TG2

students that are either registered in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) (not included in the partnership) of one of the Latin American countries concerned by the lot OR to have obtained a university degree or equivalent from a HEI of these countries. European Union citizens registered in a European University (not included in the partnership) OR who have graduated at a university from an European country.

~ 13 %

of the total

Target group 3 – TG3

students of one of the Partner countries in Latin America, who are part of the vulnerable target group (e.g. applicants with indigene origin)

~ 33 %

of the total

* national of Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico.