Project objectives

The overall objective of EULALinks is to deepen the existing cooperative relations between universities in Latin American (LA) and Europe, contributing to the creation of internationally attractive, competence oriented and high-quality education & research activities, as well as promoting multidisciplinary, multilateral academic and scientific cooperation with a long-term perspective.

The EULALinks specific objectives have been defined as:

To increase capacities for structured international cooperation and compatible study offers by increasing of the cooperation and solidarity among scientists and scholars and by strengthening of the capacity for international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

To build broad patterns of high quality mobility and collaboration leading to sustainable interdisciplinary research clusters guaranteeing mobility from less developed areas and the participation of women and indigenous people.

To generate innovation in the delivery of teaching, in the advancement of learning environments, and in the development of various forms of academic cooperation, thus enhancing the competitiveness of both LA and European universities by building degree profiles and teaching subjects adapted to the needs of society with an international dimension.

To join forces in promoting sustainable development, cultural diversity, social and democratic values of the EU and better understanding of the multifaceted and rich Latin American culture and its huge experience in participatory processes, learning and intellectual development.

To contribute to sustainable development in the partner countries through targeted education and research activities developed together with local stakeholders.

 The project focusses on provide university education especcially to students who come from socially and economically vulnerable groups.