Required enclosures for undergraduate applicants

Your application will be processed only once you have completed the application form and submitted all the required enclosures. All enclosures must contain your name and the reference number of your application. Reference number will be issued by the online application system.

Undergraduate applicants must send the following documents, just once they have been selected for an academic scholarship within EULAlinks. They will be  informed about the selection.

  • Certified copy of academic transcript in original language and its certified English translation
  • Learning Agreement(s) approved by the home university. Learn more about ECTS.
  • Certified copy of  Language Assessment Sheet or internationally recognized language test certificate (e.g. IELTS)
  • Recommendation letter
  • Official proof that the applicant is socio-economically disadvantaged e.g. a social stipendium (if applicable).

All enclosures must be submitted in English, except for transcript in original language.

Academic transcript

Academic transcript is an official record showing courses the student has taken and grades achieved. The students may send either an official academic transcript or a typed copy of the Student Record Book certified by the Home University.

Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement must be provided to each university applied.

Target Group III applicants

Target Group III applicants: undergraduate applicants in TG III must submit a school leaving certificate to meet the Erasmus Mundus’ requirements. Target group III applicants who both have a refugee status in Europe and have resided in EU more than 12 months over the last 5 years, must provide an official proof of their status.