Required enclosures for doctorate applicants

Your application will be processed only once you have completed the application form and submitted all the required enclosures. All enclosures must contain your name and the reference number of your application. Reference number will be issued by the online application system.

To complete their applications, doctorate applicants must send the following documents by January 30th 2017, at the latest:

  • Certified copy of degree certificate in original language and its certified English translation
  • Certified copy of academic transcript as doctorate student in original language and its certified English translation
  • Language Assessment Sheet or internationally recognized language test certificate (e.g. IELTS)
  • Recommendation letter
  • Research plan
  • CV (preferably in Europass format)
  • Copy of official ID (e.g. national or international passport, ID card)
  • Official proof that the applicant is socio-economically disadvantaged e.g. a social stipendium (if applicable).

All enclosures must be submitted in English, except for transcript in original language.

Degree certificate

– Degree certificate refers to the highest university degree obtained.

– Applicants who obtain the degree qualifying to access PhD mobility: they must submit their home institution’s certified proof on graduation date to Coordinator by the given deadline for application enclosures. They must also submit a copy of the degree certificate and its translation to Coordinator by 15 July 2017. Grant nomination remains conditional until a copy of the degree certificate and its translation are submitted to Coordinator.

– Target group II or III applicants whose highest degree certificate has been issued by other than a Latin American HEI (Higher Education Institution), must also submit highest education degree and its transcript obtained from a Latin American institution.

– Diploma Supplement is not accepted as a certified English translation of the degree.

Letter of Support by Host

Letter of  Support by Host: when contacting any academic representative of the host university in order to obtain Letter of Support by Host, please present your CV and a your research / teaching / working plan.

Target Group III applicants

Target Group III applicants, who both have a refugee status in Europe and have resided in EU more than 12 months over the last 5 years, must provide an official proof of their status.