How to apply?

When applying, please follow the five steps below in given order:

1. Study and Research Opportunities

Please check the available study fields and available research fields for applicants from Study and Research.

2. Programmes and study periods

Please see the partner university websites to see the programmes they offer. Check also the recommended starting date for studies, for mobilities at doctoral or postdoctoral level, or for staff exchanges from the host universities, before entering the online application system.

Students: what is the purpose of your mobility, non-degree studies or a full degree? The purpose of mobility needs to be decided prior to applying. Please read the description of non-degree and degree studies.

3. Required documents and enclosures
4. Enter the Application

In the electronic application form you are requested to write a host specific motivation letter, provide Study plan (ECTS Learning Agreement) or summary of Research Plan / Teaching Plan, and evaluation of language competence. In addition, make sure you have the information on your previous studies on your hand before starting.

The application system provides you with an application number (reference number) – please do not loose it!

  • The Online application closes on 30th JANUARY 2017, midnight, Central European Time, (UTC+1).
5. Wait for the results

Results of the awarded applicants are made in March 2017. The Coordinator (Humboldt University Berlin) will notify all the applicants on the result of the selection in April 2017. The result of your application can be:

  1. Grantee. You are awarded a grant to one of your Host University preferences, please note the time and duration of mobility might be different from what you have applied. You will receive information from the Coordinator on what to do next.
  2. Reserve list. You are not granted, but your application is on reserve list. You might still get a grant if selected grantees cancel their mobility. You will be notified if a possibility for grant emerges.
  3. Rejected. You were not accepted by any of your Host University preferences.