Application and Selection Process

The application will not be processed, unless the applicant has submitted all the required  enclosures.

The Coordinator previews the electronic applications and the requested documents. All applications that are considered eligible are forwarded to both the Home and Host Universities. Home and Host Universities further assess the eligibility of applicants. The selection criteria is as follows:

academic performance of the applicants
the proposed mobility fits into the subject fields of EULALinks.
study motivation
study plan
language skills
preference is given to ethnic minorities and to disabled and economically challenged applicants. Gender balance is respected.

The Selection Committee, chaired by a representative of the Humboldt University Berlin, consists of one representative from each Partner University. The Selection Committee makes the final nomination within each category and mobility flow, based on the following administrative and academic criteria:

The host University is willing to accept the applicant for the time she/he has applied for or can suggest another time for mobility. Rejections are justified based on academic reasons (e.g. language requirements, eligibility to attend the selected courses, places available).
Overall equal geographical presentation of Host/Home Universities in the mobility scheme as a whole.
Relevance of the mobility to both Home and Host University (reviewed by these institutions, preference given by the applicant).
Disabled, or economically disadvantaged applicants are preferred.
Preference will be given to eligible applicants who have not previously received EM Action 2 grant from any projects (other than EULALinks).

The decision of the Selection Committee is subject to the Host University’s approval. If the applicant has given incorrect or misleading information in the application, it can be a reason to withdraw the grant.

The decision of the Selection Committee is communicated to applicants by e-mail. The result of your application can be:

  1. Grantee. You are awarded a grant to one of your Host University preferences, please note the time and duration of mobility might be different from what you have applied. You will receive information from the Coordinator on what to do next.
  2. Reserve list. You are not granted, but your application is on reserve list. You might still get a grant if selected grantees cancel their mobility. You will be notified if a possibility for grant emerges.
  3. Rejected. You were not accepted by any of your Host University preferences.

Application numbers of selected applicants and reserve candidates are published on the EULALinks website.